Teacher and student

Mathematics & numeracy

Our mission at Edgar Wood Academy is to enable you to be successful and confident in mathematics. Mathematics is a crucial foundation for careers in science, medicine, engineering and finance, and allows you to be financially aware in an ever more complex world. Many mathematical concepts can be abstract in nature, but tackling them allows us to solve problems in a logical way, learning skills and strategies for the real world.

The mathematics Year 7 curriculum builds on learning at primary school. Improving number skills is still a priority with 4 out of the 6 units focusing on this. You will start with a unit on algebra with quite a lot of new content and some sophisticated mathematical language. This will help to build your confidence in mathematics and will allow you to become more articulate when discussing the subject. There is also a unit on geometry which builds on angle work completed at primary.

At all stages of your journey through Edgar Wood Academy, it is important to relate your learning to future careers and increase aspiration. Mathematics underpins and drives many successful careers including Edgar Wood’s chosen profession of architect. Visits to sixth form colleges and universities will be crucial to this development. You will also have the opportunity to take part in national challenges to show off your flair for mathematics.