Teacher and student

English & Literacy

At the heart of all our experiences as human beings are stories and that is why we locate the story at the heart of all English lessons at Edgar Wood Academy. As human beings we are motivated by stories. The English curriculum is designed with this exact intention; to foster a love for story telling without compromising academic rigor and challenge. We aim to read and produce stories, studying some of the best writers of our time whilst also learning how to deconstruct these stories so that students understand the craft and technicalities involved in producing a great story.

We will journey through time and space, reading fiction and non-fiction starting from Ancient Greece moving through the Renaissance period, the Age of Enlightenment to the 21st Century. We will imagine new worlds through our own and others' writing and share different viewpoints through speaking and listening activities.

In Year 7, you will study a range of non-fiction and fiction texts, ranging from Shakespeare to 19th Century literature, modern prose and drama. You will also cover a collection of thematically linked poems. What we learn in the classroom will be supported by a range of extra-curricular activities including visits to British heritage sites, creative writing workshops and writing competitions.