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Humanities subjects are vital in helping us to empathise with others. They help us to think critically, give us powerful knowledge, and allow us to build an ability to evaluate, analyse and construct balanced arguments. This will empower you to become active and responsible citizens, and deal with the challenges of modern society. Studying Humanities at Edgar Wood Academy, you will develop a strong sense of responsibility towards cultures, environments, local communities and a sustainable future.

In Year 7 at Edgar Wood Academy, you will study a variety of religious, social and political history. Topics include: religious history from the medieval period to the Victorians, the Industrial Revolution, the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the British Empire. In Geography, you will study: local geography, oceans, weather and microclimates. Lastly, in RE you will study the life of Jesus and religious perspectives about creation and afterlife. Throughout the year, you will explore the history and practices of the world’s major faiths.