Modern Foreign Languages

Learning a language doesn’t only allow us to travel to new countries; it opens up our minds to different customs and ways of life. Getting to grips with a new language also increases our understanding of the languages we speak day to day, be it English or another language you speak at home!

In Year 7 at Edgar Wood Academy, we will learn French. You will join 274 million speakers across the world, allowing you to converse in many European countries, African countries, and even countries in North and South America! It is truly a global language.

We will learn to describe ourselves, give opinions on a variety of different topics and interact with each other. We will be able to talk about what we do and don’t enjoy doing in school and out and about in town, and we will even be able to describe all kinds of different holidays. Across the year, you will become more confident in speaking and understanding spoken French, as well as developing a strong grasp of the written language.