Physical Education

PE at secondary school is a fantastic subject and you may well notice how different it is to what you did at primary school. This is an opportunity to see your classmates in a new light, as you will be out in the fresh air, making the most of all the fantastic facilities and equipment we have.

You will learn new sports, some of which you haven’t done before and you will have the opportunity to attend matches, competitions and large scale events involving all the local schools, in order to try and gain the title of County Champions!

You will have two PE lessons per week and will complete different sports in each lesson. Some of the sports you will take part in are:

• Softball

• Rounders

• Football

• Tag Rugby

• Orienteering

• Dodgeball

• Trampolining

• Handball

• Basketball

• Athletics (track and field)

• Fitness

PE lessons will be mixed gender and mixed ability and in the lesson you will learn to take on a variety of roles including performer, coach, umpire/referee and score keeper.