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Our Visions and Values

It is our mission to ensure that all students achieve the best possible start in their lives and gain the knowledge and skills which will enable them to flourish in later education, employment and adult life.

Our Vision for Excellence

Our vision for excellence is one in which our students:

  • make excellent progress in their learning, regardless of social background, ability, gender, ethnic origin or sexual orientation
  • are engaged in an inclusive curriculum which delivers breadth and depth for each individual, as well as memorable learning experiences
  • become resilient, confident and accomplished learners, who can work in a co-operative and inclusive environment
  • develop a personal sense of respect and responsibility, and an appreciation of the rights of others both in school and the wider community
  • develop the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to thrive in the global economy of the twenty-first century
  • attain the skills and qualifications to successfully progress to an aspirational education and career

Our Values

Our values are underpinned by the Nolan principles and everyone at Edgar Wood Academy will demonstrate:

  • an unrelenting commitment to improve the quality of our provision and enhance the lives of our students
  • an openness in the way we build trust and bring purpose to our work as a school community
  • accountability through the rigorous, transparent and forensic analysis of all aspects of our performance
  • a demonstrable commitment to the principles of inclusion and equality
  • dedication to the borough of Rochdale and its surrounds
  • collective responsibility for one another and the results of all our students – ‘if one fails, we all fail’
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To celebrate Interfaith Week pupils had interesting assemblies delivered from three different religious perspectives. They also had a scavenger hunt in the library (with a few tasty treats) and foods related to religions on the menu at lunch time!
@EdgarWoodAc - November 24
U13 Basketball Team competed in the U14 Rochdale Schools District Tournament last week. They finished the night with 1 W, 1D and 2 L. A very good set of results given the fact they are playing up an age group. Next tournament for them is on the 30/11/2022, good luck!
@EdgarWoodAc - November 23
Lovely wreath made in todays Arts & Crafts enrichment
@EdgarWoodAc - November 22
First week of practical at has gone incredibly well. Every student has reached exceeded my expectations. I am very proud of what they have achieved so far. 👍👍👍 On to the final day!
@EdgarWoodAc - November 11
Subject specific books are now available at the library! Our first Technology based book on the shelf is the classic "Cradle to cradle" by the chemist Michael Braungart and the architect William McDonough. Hard hitting stuff. A must read for future designers.
@EdgarWoodAc - November 11
**GEOGRAPHY COMPETITION** - Deadline is Monday 5th December To enter students should take a photograph/draw/paint an image of human, physical and/or environmental geography. Entries should be posted on either teams or deliver to room 02.09
@EdgarWoodAc - November 10
Congratulations to the Year 7 boys indoor football team, coming 4th in Rochdale at last night finals held at our very own Edgar Wood Academy!
@EdgarWoodAc - November 10
Last week our Year 7s were treated to an exceptional performance from Rochdale Music Service! This was to enthuse and inspire our students to learn a musical instrument. All the information needed is in letters that were given out after the performances and presentations.
@EdgarWoodAc - November 8
Hollin Children’s Centre has a new 5-week course with the Money Advice Service. It highlights ways of helping you save money and how to support your child to develop positive money habits.
@EdgarWoodAc - November 7
Great turn out for extra-curricular basketball last night. Take a look at our extra-curricular timetable for other sporting opportunities!
@EdgarWoodAc - November 4
What an amazing start to Food Technology practicals it has been for Year 7 students at . Moroccan deli-style couscous, focussing on knife skills. Well done all! 1/3
@EdgarWoodAc - November 4
Year 8 have created some excellent pieces of homework in English! Students were invited to read articles from the Bristish Library centered upon: the origins of the gothic, feminism & sci-fi plus influences behind the novel Frankenstein! What amazing work!
@EdgarWoodAc - October 21
Last week, Edgar Wood Library commenced a series of spooky readings - this will continue this week with special guest appearances from Frankenstein & The Witches from Macbeth! Last Thursday, Mrs. Gaughan-Pollard read a terrifying extract from Dracula.
@EdgarWoodAc - October 17
Lunch time here at Edgar Wood! Delicious & nutritious hot meals and sandwiches, as well as a huge choice of desserts. Our student's wellbeing is at the heart of all we do, and lunchtime is a time to refuel and replenish with friends!
@EdgarWoodAc - October 13
We are proud to offer our students a broad and balanced curriculum and this year our curriculum has expanded with our facilities! Technology is one of our new subjects and here are some amazing examples of student work!
@EdgarWoodAc - October 12
The end of our first year in temporary accommodation and the start of our second year in our new building! Having brand new facilities is wonderful - but it is the people, staff and students, that makes our school community a happy and successful place!
@EdgarWoodAc - October 7