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The chair of governors for Edgar Wood Academy is Dame Pamela Coward. If you would like to contact the chair of governors please send an email to the address below, alternately the postal address is C/O Clerk to the Governors, No 2 The Esplanade, Rochdale, OL16 1AE:

The Members

The members have overall nominal responsibility for the Trust but they exercise their functions through the Trust Board.

The main powers and duties of the members in broad terms are:

  • to appoint and remove trustees
  • through a collaborative process to monitor and evaluate the performance of the Trust Board
  • to maintain the membership and appoint members
  • to approve any proposed changes to the Articles of Association
  • to receive the annual accounts of the Trust

The Trust Board

Chair of Trustees - Deborah Ball

The Trust Board focuses on the three core functions of governance as set out above.

Key areas of responsibility retained by the Trust Board include:

  • setting the strategic direction of the Trust and academies
  • establishing new academies
  • approving the overall budget for the Trust and its devolution to each academy
  • approving the annual accounts of the Trust
  • approving policies that the Trust, by law, is required to maintain
  • appointing the CEO
  • reviewing the Scheme of Delegation

The Trust Board has overall responsibility for the operation of the academies. It delegates functions that are specific to each academy to the LACs and it delegates certain of its functions that relate to the Trust as a whole to other committees of the Trust Board.

The Trust supports individual academies by taking on some of the responsibilities and functions that detract from the focus on learning. Scrutiny and oversight of these areas are reserved to the Trust Board and its committees.

The Local Governing Body (LGB)

Edgar Wood LGB has delegated autonomy and authority to drive improvement within the school.

The role of the LGB is to provide focused governance for an academy at a local level. It monitors the academy’s key performance indicators and acts as a critical friend to the headteacher, providing challenge where appropriate. It will also play a part in representing the views of the academy’s stakeholders. The LGB’s delegated responsibilities requires them to monitor and report to the Trust Board on the overall performance of the academy. Membership of the LGB will include staff and parent members, who are elected by their peers to serve.

Dame Pamela Coward (Chair of Governors)

David Fenton

Valerie Cukic

Catherine Allan (Parent Governor)

Rachael Bentham (Parent Governor)

Zara Pollard (Staff Governor)

Governance Professional/Clerk to the Trustees

Altus Education Partnership has a Governance Professional who is a clerk to the trustees and is responsible for:

  • the strategic management of all governance and policy compliance objectives throughout the Trust
  • ensuring that Trust governance procedures, the requirements of the Governance Handbook, the Trust code of conduct, Nolan Principles in public life and all terms of reference are embedded across the Trust
  • ensuring effective procedures and systems link the various layers of governance – Trust Board, committees and LGBs – so that information flows efficiently both ways
  • leading the recruitment strategy for trustees and LGB governors to ensure that appointment is based on the skills, knowledge and experience of those appointed
  • leading the recruitment and peer election process for staff and parent members of LGBs
  • identifying and supporting the delivery of a professional annual programme of training and development for all tiers of governance, including an effective induction programme for new trustees and LGB governors
  • ensuring good quality reporting by leaders to the Trust Board, committees and LGBs
  • ensuring accurate records of meetings and decisions reached are maintained

Director of Governance and Compliance and Clerk to the Trustees and LGB is Emily Morris (


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