Teacher and student

Teaching and Learning

Students at Edgar Wood Academy spend 300 minutes every day in a classroom. That’s 1,500 minutes a week and 18,000 minutes across a term! We have a consistent approach to teaching and learning across our school in order to make sure that for every single one of these minutes, students are learning as much as they can in a calm and safe learning environment. 

We use the same routines across the school to speed up learning, improve engagement and support students in knowing what to do. These routines are tried and tested in outstanding schools and include: 

  • a do now activity: every lesson begins with a short, silent, focussed activity reviewing previous learning. 

  • consistent entry routine: all students are individually greeted at the door and greet their teachers in return. 

  • routines shared across the school for teachers to move the lesson on and support students in listening to each other. 

Given that the teaching that happens in a classroom is the single biggest lever to improve a child’s learning, it is right that we train our teaching and support staff to be the very best that they can be. We have a CPD programme in place for all staff which includes a weekly one hour training session covering content from proactive behaviour management to formative assessment, careers in the curriculum and more. Each term has a different focus, responsive to our school and students’ needs, which allows staff to embed improvements in their practice. 

For more information on the curriculum please contact Barry Young at b.young@edgarwood.org