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Homework & Teams Support

At Edgar Wood Academy, we use the Microsoft 365 suite of programs, and all students have a log in for this and access to a wide range of programs to support their learning. The main functions of Microsoft Teams are to complete homework in certain subjects (e.g. French and Science), and also to access lesson resources in case of absence.

There are two ways to access Microsoft Teams:

  1. Download the program onto a computer, or the app onto a tablet or phone. These can be found here.
  2. It can also be accessed via an internet browser such as Chrome, Safari or Edge. Go to https://teams.microsoft.com, and enter the login details above.


Homework can be accessed in each student's Teams account, under Assignments. Once logged into Teams, Assignments can be found on the left hand side.

Student Resources

The lesson resources for each subject can be found in any student class Team, in a tab that appears along the top. They can also be found here (student login required).


If you or your child require support using Microsoft Teams, please refer to the guide on this page. If you need further support, please email IT-Help@edgarwood.org and one of our IT team will be in touch to help you.  Alternatively, fill in the form below.


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