At Edgar Wood Academy, everyone matters. Childhood and adolescence can present significant challenges to a young person’s wellbeing. We are determined to provide an environment in which our students not only are happy and safe during their time with us, but develop the skills and tools to manage their mental and physical wellbeing into their future, and grow these skills in others. 

Student wellbeing was taken into consideration when designing our Academy in different structures including forms, staffing, the school day, enrichment and PSHE, and even the building. We have a strong pastoral structure in place, including our 'Everyone Matters' programme which ensures all students have a “go to” person with whom they feel comfortable. Our staff are committed to supporting our students’ pastoral needs, and every student has two tutor slots a day which allows form tutors ample time to check in with their tutees on a regular basis. 

We use tutor time to build relationships, build teamwork, engage with our Academy ethos, improve study skills and discuss important issues such as mental health. In addition to this, students have one hour of PSHE a week. Many of these modules have a dedicated wellbeing focus including: friendships and families, mental health, personal safety and healthy living. More detail on our pastoral care can be found here, and on our PSHE programme can be found here. 

If anyone has a concern about a child’s wellbeing, they should report it to our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Kamaluddin, at M.Kamaluddin@edgarwood.org.