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Altus Education Partnership

The Altus Education Partnership is a Multi Academy Trust and was established in April 2017 by the governing body of Rochdale Sixth Form College, an outstanding A level provider established in 2010. The college was awarded outstanding status by Ofsted in 2013, and again in 2022, and has developed a national reputation for excellence, having been used in Ofsted case studies for sharing best practice.

The development of the Trust stemmed from a commitment to raising aspirations and improving the life chances of young people throughout the borough of Rochdale. In 2019 the Trust was successful in its application to open a new free school, the Edgar Wood Academy, which will serve the local community in Middleton and Heywood.

We are committed to supporting all children in their academies to progress to a successful career, life and employment path of their choice.

All our academies will share a collective identity as providers of the highest quality teaching with high expectations of learners, coupled with effective assessment and intervention. Young people in our academies will engage with opportunities to develop their own skills and aptitudes to support their progression, while making valuable contributions to their communities. Leaders and teachers will take a collaborative approach, sharing best practice at a local, regional and national level, to continuously improve the performance and outcomes of all academies in the Trust.

CEO: Richard Ronksley

Altus Education Partnership

College Road, Rochdale, OL12 6HY

Tel: 01706 769800
E-mail: info@altusep.com

If you would like to join our family of schools, please contact us. 

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Altus Education Partnership



On Thursday we were visited by the Ven David Sharples, Archdeacon of Rochdale. David talked to 7E and 7W about his life growing up on the Langley Estate and his day to day duties as an Archdeacon. He emphasised the importance of studying RE to empathise and celebrate others. pic.twitter.com/7tfNiIUWjp
@EdgarWoodAc - May 22
Yesterday, we had a visit from who gave an amazing performance to both our Y7 and Y8's. A huge thank you to for organising such a great opportunity for our students! pic.twitter.com/bynpmI4apF
@EdgarWoodAc - May 16
Fantastic achievement Matthew! Well done!https://t.co/2EbIAyEQDr
@EdgarWoodAc - May 12
Everyone can get faster and Ill show you how.In Rugby, you have to be explosive, agile and able to move in different directions .Using the cues we learnt in the lesson we then did a group analysis session providing feedback to help with future progress.#speed pic.twitter.com/aD6gunILXy
@EdgarWoodAc - April 28
Eid Mubarak to all our students and families pic.twitter.com/axXIF4xXLQ
@EdgarWoodAc - April 21
Eid Mubarak to all who are celebrating today across the trust, our academies and the community! pic.twitter.com/a54O6NfXjD
@EdgarWoodAc - April 21
Over that past 2 weeks we have had Anthesis, which is a company who works with brands such as Costa to help make their packaging more sustainable visit school. We also had the EWA running club complete their charity run, raising an impressive £315! Well done everyone involved! pic.twitter.com/XUdoDsFGQC
@EdgarWoodAc - March 31
EWA Running Club’s Charity Run 28/03/23The enrichment running club has been training hard in every weather condition to prepare for a charity run for Every donation will make a positive impact towards a young person’s life https://t.co/6LwDgIJFZs
@EdgarWoodAc - March 16
@EdgarWoodAc - March 14
Today we celebrated our very first in our new building! We started off with an amazing live virtual visit from the legendary author Sir Michael Morpurgo. Then it was on to some amazing lessons in MFL, Humanities, English & more which focused on the importance of reading. pic.twitter.com/BhgzbiVvsA
@EdgarWoodAc - March 2