Remote Learning Provision

Students learn best in a physical classroom with their teacher. That being said, the school infrastructure has been set up to ensure that, where necessary, all staff and students are able to work from home. Microsoft Teams and Office 365 will be used to ensure that the school can continue to operate remotely.

All students are issued with a school login, which they use to access their Microsoft Teams account. On Teams, students can find all their lessons and their weekly homework. Having built Microsoft Teams into our regular ways of working ensures that we are extremely well prepared in the event of needing to work from home. Staff and students already have everything they need to seamlessly continue students’ education at home.

In the event of fully online lessons, students will continue to be taught by their regular class teacher, and will have frequent contact with their form tutor. Tutors will register students as usual, and check in individually with students on a regular basis to ensure their wellbeing and to support them while they are at home. Lessons will follow the usual structure as far as possible.