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Our students will be best served if all those surrounding them are aligned in their determination to provide that student with the future that they deserve.

This requires us all to be clear about what we can expect of each other in order to best serve our students.

As a student I will:

  • Work hard, show respect to myself and others in every lesson and around the Academy.
  • Attend every day, arrive on time, wear the correct uniform with pride and bring the correct equipment.
  • Behave responsibly in the Academy at all times.
  • Behave responsibly when travelling to and from the Academy.
  • Complete all homework to the highest standard and submit it on time.
  • Treat all adults and students with respect.
  • Encourage those around me to make the correct choices, show respect to their surroundings and others.
  • Be polite at all times in my choice of words and actions.
  • Respect the Academy building and equipment and leave all rooms tidy after using them.
  • Take an active part in Academy life, including two enrichment sessions per week.

Failure to keep to this agreement will result in corrective action and ultimately a loss of place at EWA.

As a Parent / Carer I will ensure that:

  • My child attends the Academy every day, on time, unless they are ill.
  • My child does not take extended family trips or holidays during term-time.
  • My child has the correct learning equipment needed for the day, including PE kit when necessary.
  • I support the Academy’s policies and regulations on behaviour and uniform.
  • I provide a suitable environment for my child to work at home.
  • My child completes their homework on time and to the highest standard.
  • I attend parents’ evenings to discuss my child’s progress and any other meetings needed.
  • My contact details are up-to-date and I will let reception know if there are changes.
  • I pay for the replacement of any equipment my child loses or damages.
  • My child participates in two enrichment sessions per week.

As a school we will:

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for students to enjoy learning and achieve their full potential.
  • Provide a consistently high standard of teaching.
  • Ensure students have the best possible education by providing a suitable curriculum and individual support.
  • Provide parents / carers with regular reports and opportunity for discussion about their child's progress.
  • Set regular homework.
  • Contact home to acknowledge students’ successes.
  • Contact home if there are concerns about students’ behaviour, progress, attendance and punctuality.
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This week y9 pupils visited the Etihad Stadium to explore the urban regeneration of the Etihad Campus and East Manchester. They asked well thought out questions linking to their Geography lessons.  They represented the school brilliantly (even those with United shirts)!
@EdgarWoodAc - June 19
@EdgarWoodAc - June 19
Please see the below list for the current clubs and activities taking place after school as part of our enrichment offer for pupils. We are now including all extracurricular opportunities as part of our enrichment timetable. Clubs are open to all pupils and free for all to attend
@EdgarWoodAc - June 12
We have had 2 students work selected for the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show 2024! With over 2100 entries, one student's work has been selected to be displayed the gallery itself in London! Both students work will be on the online gallery from 16th July. Well done girls!
@EdgarWoodAc - June 10
Thank you so much to and for welcoming our Y9s to the KPMG offices in central Manchester today. Some of our Y9s have already been heard saying "I want to work at KPMG"!
@EdgarWoodAc - April 25
Over HT3 and 4, Y9 have been taking part in . They have found out about local charities and honed their public speaking skills. Y9 have really enjoyed the project.
@EdgarWoodAc - March 28
We're so proud of our Y9s who presented to an audience of more than a hundred people yesterday as part of the  project. They all showed brilliant resilience, responsibility and courage.
@EdgarWoodAc - March 28
Now that's what we call A2L 4! What a stunning summative assessment from Isabella in Y9
@EdgarWoodAc - March 28
Congratulations to 9G who won the EWA Competition! They presented brilliantly and won £1000 for their chosen charity: Heywood Little Monkeys!
@EdgarWoodAc - March 28
@EdgarWoodAc - March 27
On Friday, Y9 students chosen to represent their forms in the First Give project took part in a speaking presentation skills workshop. They did a fantastic job and we can't wait for the First Give Final on Wednesday.
@EdgarWoodAc - March 26
On Friday, 9G organised a bake sale to raise money for Heywood Little Monkeys as part of the First Give project. They raised an amazing £194! Well done 9G!
@EdgarWoodAc - March 25
Last week, pupils took part in the very first English department celebratory breakfast. Pupils who completed Hungry For More projects and who have gone above and beyond received a golden ticket to the event. Well done everyone!! Team English! Team EWA
@EdgarWoodAc - March 25
9G are hosting a bake sale fundraiser to collect money for Heywood children's charity - Little Monkeys on Friday the 22nd of March during both lunch times. If you would like to donate towards this incredible charity, please bring money into the school to buy a cake or two.
@EdgarWoodAc - March 20
The Ted Talks Enrichment group hosted Edgar Wood's very first Ted Talks event. Alfie spoke passionately about what football means to him and what we can learn from The Lionesses.(1/2)
@EdgarWoodAc - March 19