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Excellence for All

Our vision for Edgar Wood Academy is one where all students: 

  1. Make excellent progress in their learning, regardless of social background, ability, gender, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. 

  2. Are engaged in an inclusive, knowledge rich curriculum which delivers breadth and depth of learning for each individual. 

  3. Become resilient and accomplished learners, who can work in a co-operative and inclusive environment which promotes respect and accelerates progress for all groups. 

  4. Progress to an aspirational education and career. 

  5. Develop a personal sense of respect, responsibility and appreciation of the rights of others both in school and the wider community.  

  6. Develop the essential skills and attitudes essential to thrive in the global economy of the 21st Century. 

The curriculum at Edgar Wood Academy is broad and balanced with an emphasis on effective recall and depth of knowledge and understanding, and development of high-level skills. This will ensure all our students engage with, and study, material which is essential for a well-rounded education. We offer a traditional academic programme, benchmarked against the national curriculum, with some aspects of vocational learning. It is designed so that all students make outstanding progress in their learning, regardless of ability, gender, social background or ethnic origin.  

Our curriculum is contextually relevant and captures students’ interests, provokes serious thinking and intellectual curiosity, and makes sure students have the ability and confidence to acquire and apply knowledge in and out of school. Drawing on a wide range of pedagogical research the school provides an ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum that supports deep learning.  

There will be an increased emphasis on literacy, and reading in particular, in order to reduce the educational gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students and develop all students’ cultural capital. More can be found on our dedicated literacy page. 

Begin a new chapter with us

Begin a new chapter with us

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Today is a very exciting day at Edgar Wood Academy. https://t.co/p1SVamVM7f
@EdgarWoodAc - September 7
@EdgarWoodAc - September 6
INSET training day is in full swing. We look forward to meeting the new Year 7 students on Tuesday. https://t.co/B1u9TlCC1b
@EdgarWoodAc - September 3
Callum’s determination that students at Edgar Wood Academy have a scientific curiosity will help shape our new young scientists but also help foster a lifelong love of learning. Read more about Callum here https://t.co/ogfGAnMg3K https://t.co/kWcNUHup1z
@EdgarWoodAc - May 10
Yasmin is looking forward to inspiring the students at Edgar Wood Academy to read the Classics and write with powerful intention. Read more: https://t.co/DgdjAk9WrS https://t.co/epAA2mkySj
@EdgarWoodAc - May 7
Zara believes that the Humanities subjects of History, Geography and RE can open students’ eyes to the world around them and will help our students become lifelong learners. Read more https://t.co/DfEuN75KDV https://t.co/Sa0en2QW04
@EdgarWoodAc - May 4
Our newly appointed Head of Creative Arts has high aspirations for her students and is committed to ensuring her teaching practice and classroom environment are innovative and just as creative as the subjects she delivers. Read more about Rachel here: https://t.co/dFICxzmclS https://t.co/aILotHKavJ
@EdgarWoodAc - April 28
We are delighted to introduce you to our newly appointed Head of Mathematics and Numeracy. Barry brings with him a wealth of experience and is passionate about ensuring students get a world class mathematical education. Read more: https://t.co/G65celPLdu https://t.co/6kS4aMQnJ8
@EdgarWoodAc - April 26
Such a strong field of candidates for our Head of Creative Arts, Head of Humanities (Geography/History) and Head of Mathematics and Numeracy! We look forward to sharing news on the appointments next term. Latest news: https://t.co/eUcPUzcdEh. ! https://t.co/wQD3JfhImh
@EdgarWoodAc - April 1
🌟Phenomenal senior leadership team now complete!🌟 We are excited to announce the appointment of Becky Worth as Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for pastoral care and raising aspirations. Read more: https://t.co/pBgm4vOjIh https://t.co/q7HVZIjEK4
@EdgarWoodAc - March 19
We can’t wait to see our year 7 students arriving in their new uniform in September! https://t.co/cwYKTPLFXX https://t.co/KQR3KXFvk7
@EdgarWoodAc - March 17
We are thrilled to welcome aboard Stephanie Jackson-Horner, Edgar Wood Academy’s newly-appointed Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral). Read more: https://t.co/1l2Lo2qR68 https://t.co/Xslsn0e2jt
@EdgarWoodAc - March 12