Music - Option Choice

GCSE Music will enable you to explore performance and composition with a focus on your own instrument and own choice of genre and style, whilst offering opportunities to explore theoretical knowledge and appreciation. It progresses from and builds on the musical experiences of KS3 and caters for a wide spectrum of abilities and requirements. It gives you the opportunity to make music both individually and in groups and to develop a life-long interest in music.

For Music performance, you must be able to reach a grade 3 standard on your chosen instrument by January in year 11. If you have not started on an instrument before year 10 this will be challenging but with determination and hard work this is possible. You should choose an instrument you enjoy, and you are willing to put in the hard work.

For more information on what will be studied and how it will be assessed in Music in year 10 and 11, please refer to our Year 9 GCSE Options Booklet.