Mathematics - Core Subject

Mathematics has evolved from measuring, counting and describing objects to a structure of order and logical reasoning. Core understanding of mathematics and mathematical concepts is crucial to every students learning at GCSE. Be it managing money, being on time to school, or working out the best angle to take a free kick, mathematics is present in every aspect of life. Recognising where maths appears in everyday life can lead on to deeper thinking mathematicians and problem solvers. GCSE Mathematics builds on prior knowledge to develop structure, problem solving and reasoning. 

Mathematics is a broad topic. It can be split into five key strands: geometry, ratio, algebra, number and statistics. All of these sub groups are interlinked. You will develop the knowledge gained at key stage three, deepening, and strengthening your understanding. You will discover how to solve problems involving many different topics, how to work strategically and how to write structured reasoning to explain your answers using mathematical terminology.

For more information on what will be studied and how it will be assessed in Mathematics in year 10 and 11, please refer to our Year 9 GCSE Options Booklet.