Building 2

Attendance monitoring

Strong attendance is fundamental to achieving success at the academy given the clear evidence of the link between poor attendance and underachievement. The EWA attendance target will be 97%.

Student registration will take place twice each school day at the beginning of both morning and afternoon sessions. This will be done electronically, and parents will be able to access their child’s attendance and punctuality on a daily basis. Parents/carers will receive an automated truancy call if their child is not in school for these two sessions unless they have contacted the school regarding an absence.

Attendance of 100% will be rewarded through the heads of year, via assemblies, letters home to parents and prizes. Attendance and other achievements including showcasing the new skills and enrichment activities undertaken will be celebrated twice a year during special events which parents and relatives will also attend. Individual student attendance will also be recognised through certificates and badges. The school will also work with our most vulnerable students and celebrate improvements in attendance through certificates and contact with home.