Behaviour monitoring

Strong discipline is the foundation upon which outstanding learning is built. High standards of behaviour and personal conduct will be expected of everyone at Edgar Wood Academy.

The school will have a clear behaviour policy, which includes both sanctions and rewards. All stakeholders – staff, students and parents/carers – will be introduced to all behaviour policies as part of the induction programme. It will be vital that parents and staff at EWA work together to bring out the very best qualities in the young people in our care.

Positive behaviour will be rewarded with:

  • verbal praise
  • tutor group points
  • tutor group awards – bronze, silver, gold, platinum
  • postcards and special certificates
  • positive contact home
  • celebration assemblies and end-of-year celebrations with parents
  • coffee mornings and afternoon tea celebrations for parents, carers and students
  • service to school awards
  • reward breakfasts
  • reward trips and events

The academy will adopt a graduated response to using sanctions in response to unacceptable behaviour:

  • warnings (Level 1)
  • sending a student outside of class/moving them into a different seat/time out (Level 2)
  • red slip issued (Level 3)

The school will operate a centralised detention system for red slips to ensure a consistent approach to sanctions and reflection. This will be run by the assistant headteacher and the pastoral team. Detentions for non-completion of homework will be run on a departmental basis, so that teaching staff can provide subject specific support to students.